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GrandGarden partners with afterschool enrichment programs, tapping older gardeners as instructors to children at low-income schools. We use a unique mobile garden truck to put on “pop up garden”-style events at five schools per week. Teaching children gardening has been shown to help reduce rates of obesity, as getting hands-on with healthy foods promotes healthier diets. When children garden, they get life lessons about growth and how their actions and surroundings impact their lives.

Annie showing her love for gardening!

Gardening Party!

Mockup of the GrandGarden Mobile Garden Truck!


$50 helps...

support additional volunteers for pilot programs.

$100 helps...

provide garden supplies for pilot program in one school!

$500 helps...

rent a truck needed to pilot in schools before we can buy one!

$1,000 helps...

secure 10 scholarships for low income students.

$50,000 helps...

fund a mobile garden truck that launches GrandGarden in 5 schools!

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