Gainesville, Virginia

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If you comment on this profile a second time, it will overwrite/replace the first comment., an Esports intergenerational video gaming program, helps financially challenged youth gain valuable college application and job experience by tutoring diverse older adults in esports, particularly NBA2k. In the first half of 2018 alone, 600 companies in 28 states created over 2,500 Esports jobs. By seeing-i2i, youth can be pioneers in this shifting sports world and land high paying Esports jobs, while simultaneously helping us work toward a gender and age-neutral gaming culture.

Uniting Generations Through Nonviolent Esports

Esports Video Games CAN be gender and age neutral

Working Hard To Make Esports Easy & Fun for All


$50 helps...

reimburse public transport costs for up to 10 gamers.

$100 helps...

provide gaming groups with more sets of gently used gaming consoles.

$500 helps...

provide 20 youth with paid memberships to local Esports job portals.

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