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In CricketTogether’s online program, eMentors—many of whom are older adults—provide the spark that motivates grade 3–5 students in low-income communities to develop literacy skills and self-confidence. Through a secure online letter exchange, eMentors and students are matched 1:1 to share their ideas about award-winning stories and articles, as well as news about their daily lives. Over the school year, a warm life-changing relationship develops for both partners.

Excited students read letters from their eMentors!

eMentors can volunteer any place, at any time.

Our founder visits CricketTogether students.


$50 helps...

train one teacher.

$100 helps...

train a team of eMentors.

$500 helps...

sponsor one student/eMentor pair for a school year.

$1,000 helps...

sponsor two student/eMentor pairs for a school year.

$5,000 helps...

sponsor ten student/eMentor pairs for a school year.

$10,000 helps...

sponsor a CricketTogether class of 20 for a school year.

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