Cornelius Library Foundation


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Our new library, learning and community gathering center -- with 45 affordable senior apartments on the second and third floors -- will revolutionize how libraries serve the public and connect the generations. We will bring seniors and youth together for activities that educate and stimulate creativity, while connecting all ages and cultures in a welcoming, safe environment. New spaces and programs will increase the skills and confidence of all ages, building a thriving community.

Seniors teach & manage various youth activities.

All ages laughing & learning together.

The whole community contributes anyway they can!


$50 helps...

buy supplies for a STEM activity (Peep catapult!) run by seniors.

$100 helps...

pay a senior theater troupe to run a 1 hour youth drama workshop.

$500 helps...

buy 2 book sets for 40 senior-teen book club participants.

$1,000 helps...

fund senior experts teaching environmental workshops to all ages.

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