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Given historical trauma experienced by Native Peoples, often invisible to society, our program strengthens youth and Elder relationships through cultural arts mediums and heritage. We invite Elders to mentor K-14 youth on artistic practices. Our goals are to enhance presence while imparting knowledge, to bridge understanding and establish trusting places for building identity, to heal and be seen. Activities include leadership summits, powwows, parades, art shows, and cross-cultural exchanges.

Lummi Youth Welcoming Special Olympics Athletes

InterTribal Elders, Youth & Women Walking Strong

Our Suquamish & InterTribal Warrior Veteran Elders


$50 helps...

Support each Native youth with cultural art supplies & materials

$100 helps...

Fund each Elder with transportation & teaching supplies

$500 helps...

Provide artists with resources for mentoring and teaching youth

$1,000 helps...

Help with workshop, talking circle, and leadership summit costs

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