World Rhythm Academy

Brooklyn, NY

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We use live music and art events to connect youth with caring elders. Our youth-led multicultural Bridge Night concerts and parties held at senior and nursing homes serve as the bridge that links wisdom-filled, marginalized elders and bright, underserved teens. We aim to create safe spaces that encourage graduation, fight hopelessness and build lasting relationships among elders and youth.

Bridging Elders & Teens through Music & Art

Brooklyn Teens enjoy Jazz at Lincoln Center

Chanda & Ronnie - Exec-STEM-Artistic Directors


$50 helps...

keep gas in our cars so we can build relationships and expand

$100 helps...

support administration and marketing

$500 helps...

support communication and global leadership training for 25+ teens

$1,000 helps...

host a Bridge Night event at an elderly care center in Brooklyn

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