AlaQuest Collaborative for Education

Birmingham, AL

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We are the only organization in Alabama dedicated to bringing social/emotional learning programs into schools. We train and empower encore volunteers to help youth learn through play, imagination and mindfulness. ACE was born out of a desire to turn tragedy -- the senseless murder of 22-year-old Joshua Smith -- into productive action. Research shows that social/emotional skills are important keys to achieving success and reducing violence. ACE is proud to honor Joshua’s legacy with this work.

Interactive sessions build social-emotional skills

Children are prepared for life's challenges.

Volunteers make it possible


$50 helps...

expose one child to a year of social and emotional learning (SEL).

$100 helps...

equip one volunteer to share their unique skill set with students.

$500 helps...

provide 2 hours of SEL professional development for teachers.

$1,000 helps...

fund 1 classroom to receive a year of social & emotional programming.

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