Fostering Hope Foundation

Colorado Springs, Colorado

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We empower and equip older volunteers from faith communities to serve as "extended family" to foster families in both practical and emotional ways. We provide the kind of long-term relational and environmental support the child welfare system is not designed to provide, and which science says is essential to nurturing brains and lives after childhood abuse and neglect. We stay with kids from infancy well into life beyond foster care, adapting to their changing needs until they no longer need us.

Foster teens need healing relationships

Volunteers support both foster parents and kids

When community comes together, we restore hope


$50 helps...

buy grocery and gas gift cards for former foster youth aging out at 18

$100 helps...

feed a foster family with homemade meals made by volunteers

$500 helps...

support events/experiences that promote healing for kids with trauma

$1,000 helps...

remove barriers and provide support for a child in foster care

$5,000 helps...

support a team of 4-8 volunteers to provide help to one foster family

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