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Seattle, WA

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Increasing gentrification has forced many marginalized youth and their families to leave our area, severing their connection to rich histories and social justice traditions. We will partner with another nonprofit to host a series of free community dinner clubs bringing younger and older people back together. The elders will share stories, wisdom and experience. Youth will gain perspective on who they can become. Both groups will have the chance to build and reconnect with the idea of community.

Youth thrive with support from elders!

We build a community to support emerging leaders

Dedicated volunteers are the lifeblood of tSB


$50 helps...

cover food and transportation for one youth!

$100 helps...

cover the cost of participation for one youth and one elder!

$500 helps...

cover the total cost of food at our monthly dinner club!

$1,000 helps...

cover the cost of one monthly dinner club event for all participants!

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