Ben Franklin Circles (92nd Street Y)

New York, New York

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Nearly half of Americans report experiencing loneliness, with younger and older generations most deeply impacted. Ben Franklin Circles bring people together to ask how they can do good in their lives and for the world. By launching a series of intergenerational Circles, we will combat isolation and engage adults 50+ in leadership roles as Circle hosts. This will give participants, particularly young people, the chance to engage in positive social activities and develop a network of support.

Bringing people together face-to-face

To connect around improving ourselves & the world

Growing vibrant communities one Circle at a time!


$50 helps...

sponsor a host to start a Circle for young people in their area

$100 helps...

support a Ben Franklin Circle kick-off workshop

$5,000 helps...

support a Ben Franklin Circles summit for 900+ people

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