Chattanooga, TN

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Our goal is to align the aging population’s emotional intelligence, life experience and urge to give back with young people’s need for meaningful relationships. Legacy is the first and only visionary digital application using technology to facilitate intergenerational activities. Our platform makes it easy for those who offer and want intergenerational programming to easily find one another, schedule and implement customized activities that bring older and younger people together.

Regular senior-youth interactions are beneficial

Youth and elderly people benefit immensely

Wife-husband team passionate to help communities


$50 helps...

Onboard a new senior or youth center into the Legacy platform

$100 helps...

Create 5 custom-made intergenerational lesson plans

$500 helps...

Create 25 custom-made intergenerational lesson plans

$1,000 helps...

Design the application user-interface workflows for Legacy

$25,000 helps...

Create the Legacy digital application for live use

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