Nuns & Nones


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A national network and grassroots movement of Women Religious (nuns) and millennials (who check “none” on the census box for religion), we seek new ways to share Sisters’ wisdom, steward their sacred spaces, and work for justice in an ever-more fractured world. Through local gatherings, shared justice work and spiritual practice, and updated apprenticeships into models for "prophetic community," we strive to connect our generations and reimagine community life and justice work today.

Bringing together two unlikely groups.

We started in six cities. Help us reach more!

Our brilliant, volunteer team is ready to grow.


$50 helps...

Subsidize a shared meal for a local Nuns & Nones gathering.

$100 helps...

Cover transit & materials for a joint march/rally/justice project.

$1,000 helps...

Design our local meetup toolkit for aspiring host teams.

$5,000 helps...

Stipend a community engagement manager, to support new local hosts.

$25,000 helps...

Fund our national network gathering in 2019!

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